One-on-One Customized Approach

We offer a flexible one-on-one coaching process so the focus on achieving agreed-upon goals never waivers.

Contracting and Planning

Since the coaching relationship is built on trust, communication and confidence, we use this time for you and your coach to get further acquainted.

In Phase 1, roles are defined, confidentiality contracts are created, ground rules are established, and schedules and fees are finalized. We assess readiness for coaching, begin to set overall goals, and establish coaching objectives.

We will talk about personal history, career progression and future aspirations. Our objective is for your coach to develop feel for what’s important to you and begin to see the world through your eyes.


In phase 2, we focus on assessing you and your current level of performance, and the real drivers behind your leadership presence. We focus on what it is you wish to change and the results you’re striving to achieve. We will look at specific areas you want to improve, and explore challenging areas you wish to re-frame or eliminate. We also spend time focus on maintaining – or even strengthening the areas you excel in as well!

Together we will co-create an overall blueprint that establishes goals, and an action plan for the duration of the coaching relationship. Our objective is to identify strengths, areas for development and success criteria for the coaching assignment.

Focused Development

Phase 3 is where the real work of coaching is done. Your coach acts as a catalyst to harness your own resources and focus them for greater success. We will introduce skills and strategies that have worked for others and help the you determine whether your actions are consistent with your intentions. Our goal is to embed new habits that drive performance excellence; however, it is you that holds the accountability for making decisions and taking the necessary steps to produce the desired changes.

Coaching sessions are scheduled based on your need, but include:

• Regular weekly or bi-weekly coaching sessions, in person or by phone as appropriate

• Unlimited “real time” access via phone, text or email for coaching support between sessions.

Coaching practices that we use with our clients include:

• Active, insightful listening, with feedback to celebrate progress and identify causes and solutions when objectives are not being met.

• Role playing: Allows the leader to practice new skills or a new leadership style

• 360º assessments, when appropriate.

• Assigning/Monitoring between-sessions homework, where the executive can practice new behaviors and discuss the results during subsequent coaching sessions.

• Live observation – watching the leader in an actual work situation.

Re-Learning and Integration

In phase 4, we monitor the performance results and progress towards the development goals, looking for those indicators that are producing the desired impact.

We strive to evaluate progress in a way that makes sense: through a combination of measurable, objective assessments that align with the goals that were set; as well as through qualitative feedback exercises.

Follow Up

We schedule a follow-up meeting after the coaching engagement ends to ensure the that personal and professional gains attained during the coaching relationship are sustainable going forward.

Move from intention to commitment

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