Leaderista Circles


What are Leaderista Circles?

I’m so glad you asked — exquisite gatherings for incredible women who are ready to take a Quantum Leap towards their dreams. A mastermind group like none other – designed to Inspire, Ignite, and Empower!

These Daring Circles are for you if you are ready to:

• Set a powerful intention for your future.

• Connect and learn from other brave and inspiring women.

• Share your authentic self in a loving, compassionate, and supportive space.

• Be motivated to stop dreaming…and start doing!

• Gain clarity on your purpose, understand your “why” and move through fears.

Who is the Target?


• Women interested in stepping into their authentic self-leadership power and want to ensure that their learning gets embedded (via a continuity program)

• Women who would like to create a peer group of highly engaged women leaders who support each other’s growth & hold themselves accountable for new leadership behaviours

• Women who are interested in becoming courageous in leading themselves (and others) in powerful ways (so you could be a mom, entrepreneur, specialist, leader, etc.)

Program Description

A transformational 12-month program that is designed to turbo-charge the leaderista’s business and leadership growth plan. It unleashes energy and engagement, expands self-awareness and deepens leadership skills.

These group mentoring programs can be tailored to be facilitated in person or via a webinar format. To receive a proposal for your organization, please contact Janna.

Topics are tailored to meet the needs of the group, but may include:

…Creating a clear vision for impact in the organization

…Identify and leverage your signature strengths & drivers

…Understanding your unique emotional intelligence & the anatomy of trust

…Building an authentic and powerful presence and personal brand

…Learning to confidently communicate vision, ideas and expertise

…Motivate your team – powerful listening and coaching skills


LeaderistaCircle’s are a women-only mastermind and mentoring group that raises the bar to address women’s self-leadership centered topics more effectively. It is facilitated by Janna Hare.

Research indicates that women leaders have unique leadership strengths as well as challenges


Create a “safe space” for women to bring up issues they face and get specific leadership development in those areas

Enable women to get perspective from other leaders on how to follow-through and practice new leadership behaviors

Build accountability for leadership goals they set and get supported by others

Benefits for Community

These group mentoring programs can be tailored to be facilitated in person or via a webinar format.

Creates a strong community of women leaders who collaborate and invest in leadership growth

Powerfully engages high potential women leaders who feel supported & valued

Develops strong leadership qualities among women leaders

Helps women leaders learn from a powerful peer group who will support & hold them accountable to goals

Move from intention to commitment

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