As top performers in the world of sports and the arts have long recognized, training gives you the skills to compete. Coaching helps you win.

Spark Leadership brings these principles to the world of business. We work with individuals and teams – and find the best approach for maximum impact.

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Coaching can have far-reaching results

Coaching can have a huge impact on successful leaders who are struggling with certain elements of their positions – especially important areas such as delegation, team development and effective communication.

Time management & prioritization have also become more challenging for most leaders. Yes, coaching can make sub-par performers more effective; but, it can also turn capable and effective leaders, already meeting expectations, into star performers.

We understand how great leaders produce success. Our coaches ask the questions – What does this leader need in this situation to create the desired business results? How does this leader need to develop and grow to meet the future needs of the organization?


Could coaching help you?

Perhaps your first question is “why would I need one?”

You have a successful career. You’re in a leadership role. Why would you consider a coach? Ask any top athlete. Even the champions have coaches – to help them adapt to changing circumstances, so they can play better and feel better. It’s not about fixing something broken. It’s about mastery.

If you’d like to find out more about our approach to coaching – or if you have questions please fill out the form below for a free introductory discussion.

1. Do you spend to much time “in the weeds” – working at a level of detail that should really be delegated to others?

2. Could working with a strategic thought partner help you make better decisions?

3. Do you wish you had more time for the higher-level, more strategic elements of your job?

4. Would you like to develop your people to become more engaged, self-sufficient and productive?

5. Could you benefit from more direct and honest feedback?

6. Do you sometimes miss the days when you could just kick around ideas with your peers?

7. Is there an element of your leadership style that might be interfering with further success?


Here are some questions to ask:

Does the coach really understand the complex issues faced by leaders?

Is the coach familiar with senior management responsibilities and the problems often encountered (but rarely talked about) by leaders?

What people-development experience do they have?

Does the coach have a track record of recognizing talent, evaluating executive abilities, and building leadership teams?

What type of framework does the coach recommend?

A credible coach will include a time frame for achieving agreed-upon goals and guidelines for recognizing progress – even during the early stages.

Do they understand the sensitive nature of the coaching relationship and the importance of confidentiality and accountability in everything they do?

Move from intention to commitment

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